• Gigi Eligoloff

A dirty word


Such a dirty word, such a weight, such a drain on life and the potential for happiness.

Last night’s news of the death of the fashion designer L’Wren Scott reminded me of this modern plague of debt and what sometimes appears to be our unmonitored freedom to spend money we don’t actually have.

This was also publicized in less glamorous surroundings recently in ‘Famous, Rich and Hungry’, a Sport Relief programme which portrayed so-called famous folk living for a very, very short time with people struggling on the poverty line.

One of the starkest facts to come out of the programme was how one family had become crippled by the interest they were forced to pay on a payday loan. I’d never heard of this particular type of loan before; – maybe I’m lucky, and maybe just a little deluded. But I pray I never have the cause to take one out  since the interest rockets so fast, that of course there is no way the original loan can be paid back. It really is a cruel curse straight out of a fairy tale, a monstrous dark art which should be banned.

L’Wren Scott was a talented, beautiful woman in her prime. Capable of anything, and apparently mind-bogglingly in debt to the tune of $6 million. She could have lived off her fabulously wealthy boyfriend (Mick Jagger) but instead she strove to be a success in her own right. Fashion is a business so fickle that even the best of the bunch are prone to bankruptcy if they get a pussy bow or embellishment in the wrong place. The media is reporting that the reason L’Wren allegedly ended her own life was debt, and the shame that accompanies it.

Worrying about affording a family holiday this year pales to nothing when I think of the daily struggle many people are faced with trying to keep their heads above this rising tide of stinking, filthy, all-consuming debt.

Questions should be asked.

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