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A twitter guide for writers (part 2)


So you have a blog. You’ve not only joined twitter (see part one of my guide on how to hate Twitter a little less) how to  you’ve linked your blog and you’ve already followed a mixture of brilliant first time authors/established writers/publishing professionals and…Stephen Fry.

You’re at the party. So, it’s time to make your move.

What to tweet:

By now you should be following enough people that your timeline (a constantly updating list of their tweets) is rolling along at a chug chug pace. What next? People often talk about the 80-20 rule in terms of how much to tout your book about (20% of the tweets). It’s a good rule but it doesn’t mean the other 80% you’re tweeting needs to be utter drivel.

Watch how others interact

if you are following publishers, editors, book bloggers or literary journalists watch and learn. When in doubt, spend the first week or so just watching how they interact and reading the articles they link to.

The real Info behind twitter

There is a wealth of quite brilliant information in amongst the nonsense being recommended via this social network if you know where to find it (see #hashtags below). There are experts on every aspect of books-  whether it’s writing, getting published, ebook aficionados and digital media mavens so reading their links and tweeting your thoughts back as well as RTing (retweeting it to your followers) the original tweet. This kind of interaction will have you on the path to engagement before you can say LMAO. Honest.

Find your groove

You don’t need to have a huge following on twitter to make a success of it. Even if you only get a handful of people interested in your book or visiting your blog. It’s a start. If your book is good enough those few people will tell their friends. And they will tell theirs – and hey presto – you’re making social media work for you.

Once you’ve got the hang of engaging with people in the writing or publishing field you can then extend your focus. If your book is about time travel or football or chocolate find people who love those things.

Understanding hashtags

Hashtags are searchable tags for your tweets. Put the right one on and you will be found, forget to hashtag your best tweet ever and it may  never be read by anyone other than you *tumble weed time*. For example if you’re tweeting about your brand new book cover finally coming through you might want to hashtag #publishing #bookjacket #artwork or if you’re going down that route #selfpublishing  or #ebook. This way you’ll be found by anyone else looking at those hashtags – think of the many aspiring authors and published writers all tweeting around the world about these very topics. How to connect? Search a hashtag and hashtag your tweets.

Bon Voyage!

That’s it for now, make sure you have emergency supplies (chocolate & wine & Netflix) and may you have a successful journey.

If you have any questions or feedback please do leave a comment – and remember these really are the basics – I’m not pretending to be an expert, but honestly, it’s not #rocketscience

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