• Gigi Eligoloff

And the day I was on Top Of The Pops

This is in answer to a request on facebook (Ewan you know who you are!).. following the last post,

Some of my more ancient mates remember when I was at in my early teens my best friend’s mother happened to work in the Green Tea Bar at TV Centre. Amazingly we got in to see Top Of The Pops quite a lot. Despite being 14 Year Olds. But this was the only time we were invited on stage by anyone.

You’ll have to watch/scroll to the very end if you want to glimpse me. I am the one on the left with no rhythm.

If anyone else has a good yarn ,or even better can find a clip to post, about getting on TV when they were young please do share. If you were on Blockbusters doing a Gold Run I will be especially impressed. If you were on Jim’ll Fix it. Well, let’s just not.

#FunBoyThree #Television #TopOfThePops

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