• Gigi Eligoloff

Another bird lady

I am lucky enough to know the genius behind the arty cool brand that is I Love Design. Caroline is a fellow parent at my son’s school who every now and then treats her friends all to a private sale of prints at her fabulous home.

After getting there early I managed to snap up this beautiful bird lady for my big white wall. For anyone who read the tale of the scarf you’ll see I am becoming obsessed with women and birds. Not really sure what that means other than my walls are heaving under colourful pretty things at the moment.

I’m not convinced my newest lady can compete with the vintage Coca Cola sign. But for now I’ll gaze adoringly at her until I figure out where she might want to reside longer term.

You can view more of Caroline’s brilliant designs at her shop click through the picture to get there.

#affordableart #ilovedesign #vintagecokesign

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