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Browsing the planet (via wordpress) today I happened upon my new favorite waste of time – High Heels and Record Deals. This Northern lover of fashion and…a little bit of razzamatazzzzzzzz…

* dance break*

…in turn led me to  Red Brick North, the home of Karen Mabon, a very cool Scottish designer of lovely-things-I-need-now.

Mabon’s designs are just delicious. Her quirky necklaces are clever and pretty but the real stars of the show are quite the most beautiful scarves I’ve ever seen. As a scarf hoarder I was giddy with excitement at the color splashes of circus performers, rabbits and racing greyhounds.

In the end I plumped for the blonde.

I’m going to frame Miss Tippi as she’s far too sublime to wrap around my pedestrian neck.

Must make mental note to hide my new lady friend when the sister-in-law next drops by. She’s ornithophobic. Pigeons bring her out in a cold sweat, and even roast chicken has to arrive at the table heavily disguised.

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