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Couple of bob

Yesterday I traveled back in time in a Sainsbury’s Superstore car park.

It may have been caused by the way I declined the hand-car-wash-job-man, or the smallish trolley I chose to drive, but I definitely found myself meandering alone circa 1971.

“How did I know?”  I hear you holler, well, here’s what I witnessed:

1   A large expanse of grey concrete (Man, we LOVED that shit back in the day)

2  A queue at the petrol station

3   A mountainous woman with a moustache and beer belly over slacks (in Richmond, Daaarling). Who approached me inquiring whether I might… ‘Spare a couple of bob”.

I’m ashamed to say that my first thought was that, Hell, No I would not give her a brass razzoo – it’s a double dip recession, and those Tunnock’s Teacakes aren’t going down in price any time soon. Plus, to be honest I rarely give money to beggars anyway. Food & the odd hot beverage, yes, but I only dole out dosh to strangers when they are playing a tune or singing something nice. Because we all need music in our lives.

My second thought was that with the little fella (okay she’s a girl, but…) in the Nano Nursery (8.30-11.30am) I probably didn’t have time to work out what a ‘couple of bob’, actually equated to…..actually, is it just ten pence?

I’m left without a punchline here. Because needing a ‘couple of bob’ either now, or in the past is not really a laughing matter. Suffice to say when I traveled back to the present day, it was sadly as grey and queue-y as ever. And they had sold out of Tunnocks.

#beggars #buskers #Sainsburys #timetravel

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