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How to get a blogging award

I’ve been nominated for an award – I only started this blog last week. Honestly, you can check.

But I’ve already been approached with this promising offer of untold riches and maybe free chocolate.

The award is called the Liebster and on closer inspection I’ve found that it’s not really an award, it’s a kind of traffic gaining meme involving a bunch of time and effort which I don’t really have. So, thanks but that’s okay I don’t really want it.

However if you’ve clicked on me because you really want to find out how to get an award for blogging I should explain that I have never had an actual award for blogging, and that’s very okay honestly.  Although I did have some early success with my first online venture when my parenting site MumsRock.com  (now sadly deceased) made some noise here and there in among others, The Independent and The Guardian (clink link and screen grab below if you want to glimpse my halcyon days).

But, if you are still reading in the hope of something more than an afternoon ramble in the past, for what it is worth – here’s what I think about this darkish art.

How to win an award. And maybe even become a blogging celebrity and get free stuff and things:

1         Write what you want. It’s the only time in the world you will be able to, beyond the age of four.

2         Enjoy each word. Thrill to every syllable and get excited by pressing that ‘Publish’ button. That should be enough.

3         Finally, don’t look at your stats. If you do you will only begin measuring yourself on that ever-shifting yardstick of success and   failure. This in turn will make my first point quite impossible. Leaving the only course of action as obsessing over your nightly tweets, facebooking ever more pictures of your kids (okay I do this anyway).  And lastly, ‘Liking’ lots of things you only feel lukewarm about, but doing it to remind yourself you are still alive.

But that’s just my opinion. Obviously.

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