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How to kill a floral feature wall

So we’ve moved out of our old house and thanks to the rather painful process of being in a property chain (OF HELL)…we had to pack everything up into storage and move in with Grandma. But, it’s fine, now, we’re nearly at the finish line. Our new home beckons but it does come with it’s own special challenges.

  1. We’ve moved out of a three bed house and we’re going into a two bed flat.

  2. Pretty much every wall in the flat is beige.

  3. Except the bathroom which is covered floor to ceiling in tiny dark blue tiles. From floor to ceiling.

  4. There are two feature walls covered in shiny floral wallpaper. Not pretty floral wallpaper like this glorious Little Greene Paint Co. example above.


floral wallpaper elm road
  1. THIS will not do.

  2. Our entrance hall is tiny and shared with our neighbour downstairs.

  3. The door to our flat opens straight onto the stairs.

  4. The stairs in question are narrow.

  5. There is nowhere for coats

  6. There is nowhere for shoes

  7. Nowhere for school bags/shopping/footballs/bicycles/skateboards/scooters/big fluffy elephants and other random STUFF that children bring home every day.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s a lovely time full of promise. A new place to call home, and a totally blank (and slightly floral) canvas for me to bring to life.

So far I’ve not come across the perfect solution for our non-existent hallway conundrum so if anyone has any brilliant suggestions for where to stash an unexpected elephant (or muddy football boots) please do share!

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