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Kids eh?

I had planned to write a lovely blog post last week. It was going to be full of sunshine and promise. And it would have made you laugh. Honest.

But our dear seven year old came down with a bug instead throwing every plan and routine out of the window (with a temperature of 38.2).

We went to the doctor and then three days later we ended up in A & E talking about emergency operations.

In the end, it was a virus, another unexplained, horrible old virus. One that caused fevers and a swollen leg and a family worried half to death. And created a fist that punched a hole in our weekly routine. And made us wobble over the future we had already counted on.

And then the virus went and it’s gone now (fingers crossed) and I am ecstatic to report that our boy is back in school today, and that was just a horrible week of waking nights and sick-lagged days that will have strengthened his immune system. And taught us to take nothing for granted, ever.

Most of all it made me think of all the parents that go through this kind of stuff on a regular basis with their children. The worry, bewilderment and search for strength and clear faith in the face of something very, very scary.

So, I wanted to dedicate this, the first post of the new year to all those brave children and parents out there that deal with fear and sickness like this on a daily basis. And to our heroes…the men and women that invented CALPOL.

And that is all for now.

#calpol #fever #parents #sickchild

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