• Gigi Eligoloff

Mid Century love

After months of searching on eBay, gumtree and in cold unfriendly boot sales I have found the perfect piece for my sofa gap. This rather unloved little sideboard is actually the bottom of a 1960 dressing table. All veneer and screw in legs. Nothing I like more than seeing more of the floor.

The added bonus of this week’s addition to the house is that it’s last job was being a prop in a play set in the Sixties. I expect it was rather too racy being a bedroom piece (I’ve donated the mirror to a local charity shop). Stil at least Albert (for that is his name now) can look forward to a serene retirement here.

Oh and for those of you that want to know I paid £15!

#ebaygumtree #midcentrurydesign #sideboard #sixtiesfurniture

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