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Pictured is the dining room in Greystone Court, a fancy country house in New York State now mainly used as a location by ad agencies and glossy mags.

Greystone Court was built around one hundred years ago but the architectural features were all plundered by the richest darlings of American high society from post-war impoverished aristos in Europe. As the Dowager might say…

“You can’t just buy class, Carson”.

But you can have a ruddy good try I’m guessing.

Regardless,  I happened upon it when I was looking into inspiration for my new and very humble snug.

I’m calling the room a snug, although it’s essentially a sitting room, because it’s bloody tiny. I wouldn’t mind tiny if it had this ceiling.

If my snug had this ceiling, oh boy, it would really be something.

So pretty, so monumental, so sublime, so green. Like me.

#diningroom #GreystoneCourt #artdeco #snug #sittingroom

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