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Six tips on pitching guest posts


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In my last post I talked about content marketing and why it works for everyone, when it’s done right. I also explained that editors get pitched to a lot – so here’s some tips on how to craft a winning pitch for your guest blog.

1    Know your own book.

What are its unique or interesting angles you can write about? It’s not just about writing fiction – it’s about spotlighting your passion and what you think people will find interesting about you. Let’s start with the main character – if she’s a cook for example – you might want to pitch your favourite childhood recipe accompanied by a cute picture of yourself cooking it with your grandma. Or perhaps it’s a historical novel and you pitch a post about how you discovered something unusual in your own family history while researching the book.

2       Have an angle.

To market your book properly you need to have thought already about every angle that might be of interest to potential readers. And then you need to be prepared to craft the perfect email (always try to get a specific name to send it to), offer a unique post idea and then follow it up a week later if you don’t hear back. Editors get a LOT of emails!

3       Don’t patronize

Web editors don’t always want free content. We want relevant content.

4       Don’t assume

Be proud of having a book published but don’t brag!

5       Don’t be sloppy in the email

If you can’t be bothered to proof-read your initial email inquiry – it doesn’t say much for the post you’re going to be delivering.

6      Give something back

From an editor’s POV – we also like content marketing. So, when you email, do suggest a reciprocal link from your blog and if you’re already active in social – tell us your reach (twitter followers/facebook likes etc).

Content marketing is you scratching our back, scratching yours. Now go forth and get scratching.

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