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The Great British Box Set Game

Along with millions of others I watched The Great British Bake Off last night. I would have been pleased had any one of them won, as I’m afraid I switched my allegiances between them on the flip of a pretzel. But what I enjoyed most was the fact that here was a programme involving skill, creativity and an epic ability to cope under pressure starring mainly women.

Yes, admittedly there was Paul Hollywood, call him eye candy, or just quite intimidating over gluten, but the series could go on without him. Harsh, but true.

In the main there was a great line up of gloriously talented, experienced, funny, ambitious women of various ages and appearances which resulted in one of the best TV shows on the goggle box.

Which brings me to The Great British Box Set Game. Have  you played it yet?

You remember when you used to ask people what they were watching on television when there was a lull in the conversation.   Only now, you ask them what box set they are into? That.

The answer is usually something foreign; probably award-winning and of course most cerebral. The top picks at present appear to be The Bridge, Homeland and of course Breaking Bad.  Just the idea of a teacher turning into a crystal-meth- head-dealer makes me want a peppermint tea and a lie down.

Because everything seems to be about violence or the threat of it. When did drama have to be Downton or nasty, sadistic, sick, mad violence. One mate gave me the example of a scene in which a man’s decapitated head rode on top of a tortoise. Brilliant!

So sorry I won’t be buying any of them. Why? Because if I want violent sociopaths, graphic scenes of dead or mutilated bodies, corrupt governments, evil corporations and of course women portrayed endlessly as sex-mad or helpless victims with ‘a great rack’ – I just have to open a newspaper or turn on the news.  That stuff is everywhere.

Oh”, but friends will say, ” it’s so cleverly done, and the acting is amazing…we sometimes have to watch 2 or 3 episodes back to back!”. And the whole thing baffles me. It’s grotesque.

With our children’s brains still forming and growing surely I can’t be alone in worrying what adults our video nasty world will produce?

There are no Parental Guidance controls over the front pages of newspapers or the six o’clock news. Sometimes I am compelled to switch off the radio during news breaks, so tirelessly full are they of murdered or abused mothers and daughters.

So all hail Great British Bake Off, we salute you.

By the way – did I mention, I bumped into Frances at the weekend in Joules. SO excited!

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