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The one where we got featured in Apartment Therapy

The one where we got featured in Apartment Therapy

So last week our house tour on Apartment Therapy went Live.

By far my favourite blog about house stuff, Apartment Therapy gets a whopping 11 million users a month all obsessed (like me) with reading their inspired features on new design. Plus a whole load of perfectly normal folk who enjoy whiling away the hours snooping around cool home interiors across the US and UK.

And now, shining like a bag of jelly babies in Heals is our little ex-council house. And seeing it up there is the nicest feeling in the world. It’s also some kind of vindication I suppose for the many hours I stalked pinterest collecting and discarding ideas for each and every corner of our newly rennovated home.

When the piece went Live last week I braced myself for trolls. Or, at the very least pixie-minded munchkins accusing me of clowning about with colour, or cluttering the life out of what was obviously the size of an extended 1920s rabbit hutch.

But they liked it, they really liked it (as you can see this also brought out all manner of my inner Sally Fields!)

So if you want to snoop around our pastel-hued home, made almost entirely of second hand junk….have a click on the picture. It cannot possibly be to everyone’s tastes but the important thing is – we don’t just like it, we love living here.

Now, with the house complete (pretty much)… I want to do it all over again – so if anyone has a house in need of a ‘me’. Just let me know!

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