• Gigi Eligoloff

The treasure what I found….

I found this in a charity shop.

It was only £8 and to be honest I bought it because I loved that Run DMC album, Walk This Way was HUGE in my house. And don’t start me off about my beloved shell toe adidas trainers.

Anyway, after wrestling with my common sense I reluctantly agreed with my more sensible husband that no, it probably wouldn’t look that good on the wall.

So I put it on eBay and 87 minutes later I sold it for …well, I sold it for a whole heap more than I paid for it. Finally something goes my way. Karma aka Ka CHING!

Walk this way? Yep, as long as you take a moment to check out your local charity shop, because you never, ever know what treasure you might find.

#RaisingHell #Golddisc #ebay #Adidas #RunDMC #charityshops #HipHop

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