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Where I live now

An old friend came to visit yesterday for the first time since we moved Sarf-ov-de-river and the only cloud in an otherwise properly jolly morning was the fact that it was pouring with rain. Which meant I couldn’t show him the best bit of where I live now – the river.

Each Tuesday another friend and I do a glorious walk. It’s always dry strangely, and we use our time mostly to talk about all manner of things. I will admit though that I think I annoy her too by regularly stopping to admire some detail or other of the water. Or spending precious kid-free minutes getting just the right framed shot of the river bank, or a bridge or lone rower. And I swear, each Tuesday the water is different, faster, slower, softer, jagged. It never bores me. In fact, every week I love it a tiny bit more.

But yesterday the weather was so bad, my dear visitor was unable to fully see the beauty of this amazing body of water that rushes through London every day.

So I’m posting this picture from last week. Which was a very glossy river day.

Here you are Sean.

#riverview #Thames

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