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Why writers don’t tweet

As luck would have it a couple of months ago I visited a dear old friend by the sea.


My friend is a writer, a proper writer and she’s just about to publish her very first book.

When I grow up I am going to be just like her.

But until I go cold turkey on the internet, my book is going to continue gathering dust.

Because the really brilliant thing about writers in general, is they completely ignore distractions like Pinterest and Facebook and Twitter and Buzzfeed *shakes fist in general direction of the smirky List-Fairies*. They don’t spend hours on eBay searching for the perfect Coca Cola sign or last year’s cocoon dress from COS which really was The One. They WRITE. Full. Stop.

Since I’ve been running my own, or other people’s websites on and off for the last seven years I obviously spend a lot of my time online.

But because my dear friend doesn’t do that – she wrote a book.

Here it is – it’s not out yet but, it’s of course quite brilliant (like her).

cinema lumiere

Hattie has chosen to go down a new route called Selective Self-publishing (more about that later) but what her otherwise very helpful publisher will not do for her is market her book.  So, as someone who has been known to bore the pants of anyone asking about social media and other fancy stuff, she asked me to help. And being a wannabe published author myself, I thought to heck with it – let’s do this thing!

And actually, it’s been, so far, really rather revelatory.

We’re a few sessions in and she’s understanding more and more how social media can assist authors looking to market their book (and themselves), and I’m beginning to appreciate just how valuable my years of digital experience actually might be.

Then I thought maybe I should blog about what we’re doing too. Because, who knows, there might be some other thoroughly brilliant writer out there searching for assistance, one who has also shunned the internet in order to get to ‘The End’ of their book.

We’re going to look at broadly the following areas:

How to use a blog

Why tweet and to whom

Why Facebook is more than just a vast selfie-store

And where, why and how to pitch when you are content marketing

Finally, we are going to recklessly dive straight into the Eighth Wonder of the Online publishing World – Amazon’s algorithms. And I’m going to share our journey together here.

Yesterday we cracked twitter – here’s the link to that post: A twitter guide for writers

But in a nutshell,  understanding the key to engagement there is finding a good enough reason to tweet of course. It’s not enough feeling like you should be tweeting, that’s like feeling like you should be at a party when no one has invited you, you don’t know anyone else, and half of the party are either drunk, watching #OBEM or extremely rude.

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